17 February 2020

Lumber Nine

Oh! Lumber 9 is mighty fine
While Lumber 8's just not so great
But -Man!- wouldn't we just be in heaven
If we lived in a house made from lumber eleven...

I have to walk over the freeway on my way to the bus stop. Some days that winds up being a bigger effort than others. When I start imagining myself being picked up by the wind and blown over the fence and down into the path of oncoming traffic, it often helps to count. Something about being focused on the numbers and not the dark fantasy, maybe.

This song was written for SpinTunes 16, Round 2. The challenge: Count Me In - Your lyrics must prominently feature counting. How and what you count is up to you - you can count up or down, by ones, fives, tens, logarithmically, exponentially; you can count steps in a process, miles in a journey, hours in a day...

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