03 April 2019

With Lolling Thieves: Too Lazy to Steal

Image: a cat in front of red
tinted playing cards.

So, here's a picture that may or may not be the cover of my second album. It's only been fifteen years since the first one, so it's probably past time—now or never. I expect it to be out sometime this autumn (I am currently working to a schedule designed with a late November release in mind, but may be able to shave a bit of time off here and there).

Nothing's in stone until there's an actual release, but here's the current projected track listing:

1. Sing Us Round (Square States)
2. (Not On) The Cards
3. Tearing History Down
4. Blue Woman Yes
5. No Arcanum
6. Guessing Game
7. We are Perfect in Our Dreams
8. Library Ghost
9. Your Discarded Cigarette
10. Broken Bottle
11. Crack in the Wall
12. Smoldering Joy

A lot of these are polished-up reworkings of songs that have been floating around online for some time now. There are a few things you probably won't have heard before, though.