31 December 2020

John Coined (a Phrase?)

I'd have to look up how many times (if ever) Sherlock actually told John Watson that "the game was afoot" at an adventure's commencement. Watson may have occasionally said something like "Another Mystery Solved," at one's conclusion. Or perhaps not.

I definitely got a song written and recorded in the current Song Fight, though. It's a bit Christmassy and a bit weird. It's a cheating song and a waltz. It's got Mellotron and sleigh bells going on.

28 December 2020

How Nude We Wow

It's another Song Fight! song! Hooray! Not quite the same as the version I sent in though: I re-recorded a few seconds of guitar and probably tweaked the mix slightly. So this version is loads better, but you may or may not notice.