12 December 2018

Staking Talk: Hot Tips from Professional Vampire Hunters

It's been two years since I last posted anything to this blog. I'm not sure that I want to bother maintaining a blog anymore. I have a few ideas about what a blog could turn into in conjunction with my other current projects. I'm not sure it'd be worth the effort though. I'm pretty sure a blog is not the most effective tool I could utilize to promote my music. If people we're already listening to my music, it might draw them toward my blog.

I've tried a clean start with the blog before. After wiping everything, I found myself reposting old stuff. Maybe I'm just starting that cycle again. Right now, though, I really want this space to reflect my current projects, not the abandoned detritus that's built up here.

The Spoonerisms I'm sticking with, though. (In this post, for example, I'm "taking stock.")