06 December 2015

Knight Moves

Chivalry just means behaving as if one owned a horse. From the French chevalier, or horseman (knight). If you always move forward in an L-shape, that's a chivalric as you can get.

Image: Knight Moves

17 May 2014

Over Me (Com = Together)

Compassion compromises conviction. The com that begins both compromise and compassion means together, mutual, shared. A mutual promise to jointly bring an end to shared suffering. But if I hold the conviction that your suffering is the product of transgression, to share in that suffering is to share in your guilt. A line must be drawn. We cannot be together; we share nothing. We are not the same. Anyone touched by your suffering, sharing in your pain ceases to be like me. I fear that soon I will be alone.

21 October 2013

Boring Forever

Meaning is dependent on context. The larger something is the harder it is to find a context large enough to place it in so that it may be experienced meaningfully. The infinite is, therefore, intrinsically meaningless. Purpose, the antidote to boredom, is finite—it requires the possibility of completion. Forever is boring.

05 October 2013

(Not On) The Cards

Have a listen to my new song! It's sort of about my book club (also, coffee, playing and/or tarot cards, mass transit, and memoir writing).

Image: Facebook screenshot

Am            G        D
In the coffee house of cards
   C               Em
we tic off all the books we read
        C                Em
through hours we weren’t in our beds
Am                   D    G
paying the night our disregard
and the queen of cups our lucre

   Am              G       D
We wait to see the closing play
C                 Em
gathered together in our pack
    C                  Em
our author’s grip will break our backs
   Am            D       G
we fall into the discard tray
unmarked by an onlooker
I’d like to order coffee
      D       A       E
but I daren’t miss my train

I’d like to order my life
but my brain quakes with the strain
I’d like to order coffee
      D       A       E
but I daren’t miss my bus

I’d like to order my life
        G         A      B (E on repeat)
but not when it’s such a fuss

    Am      G     D
The TV saga of my life
C                   Em
scripts that aren’t yet begun
  C                Em
I can’t see how episode one
      Am            D       G
could find approval from my wife
I can’t see it on the cards